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Threadolysis finalThreadolysis final

Threadolysis® Hair Removal Services

It is an all natural, hygienic and safe hair removal method. This copyrighted and patented system is the best and most accurate way of removing superfluous hair. It involves a special skin floss string to remove the hair from the root. Experience it for yourself and you will never go back to any other method of hair removal!!!!

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Eyebrow Shaping $11
Upper Lip $10
Cheeks $15-$20
Chin $10-$15
Sides $25
Bridge of Nose $10
Complete workout for the Full Face $56

Waxing Hair Removal Services

Threadolysis Wax is specially manufactured for Saajona Boutique. Threadolysis wax is made from all eatable products. It is 100% water soluble and heats up at a very low temperature. We prepared it fresh for immediate service, therefore no risk of being burned or scared. Threadolysis hair removal service combined with waxing will leave you with maximum hair free results combined with clean smooth skin.

Saajona's Organic Wax

Saajona’s Organic Wax

Under arms $20
Half $25
Full $35
Belly Area $15
Stomach $25
Half $35
Full $75
Half $35
Full $50
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Buttocks $30
Back $55
Chest & Stomach $60

Eyelash Extensions

Have long beautiful lashes for one night or for several weeks. We have the right solution for you whether you want to have long beautiful lashes for one night or for several weeks.

Eyelash Extensions
Individual Eyelash Strips customized especially for your face type and for the desired results $25
Individual Semi-Permanent $85
Touch up and Maintenance up to 10 clusters $20
Individual Eyelash Extensions $150

Dermathreadation® Treatments

Dermathreadation aids in maintaining and deep cleansing the skin in an affordable manner. The benefits to deep cleaning your skin down to the dermis layer is that you free your skin of daily and environmental impurities, reduce wrinkles and fine line, reduce age spots and acne scars, further promote collagen production and give your skin a youthful glow. Lastly remember prevention is always better than cure. Most of us treat facials as a luxury but it is really a necessity!

Trial Dermathreadation Treatment $56
Package of four treatments Includes 4 consultation and 4 facials $150

Threadolysis for Men

With Threadolysis Hair Removal you will have a clean, sharp, and distinguished look.

Eyebrow Cleanup $13
Middle of Brow $5
Cheekbones $9
Bridge of Nose $6
Outside of Ear $10
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